Educating dogs and dog owners
We don’t just train dogs, we build owner-dog relationships.

Education is the key to success.  The education you and your dog receive from training will determine how successfully you communicate with your dog.  Happy Valley Kennel offers customized training programs that fit you and your dog’s needs.  Our focus is in educating the owner to be a good handler while training your dog. We don’t just train dogs we build owner-dog relationships.

Happy Valley Kennel’s educational training program provides the owner, as well as, your dog the tools, skills and knowledge necessary to effectively communicate with each other.  Most behavioral problems are a result of ineffective communication.  These problems can be resolved once the your dog clearly understands the your’ expectations.


Did you know that dogs do not process information in the same manner as their owner?
It is important for you as an owner of a puppy, a German Shepherd or any small or large breed of dog to understand the difference in how dogs and people communicate.  Unfortunately many owners foster and reinforce wrong behavior in their dogs.


Let us design an educational training program that will fit you and your dogs needs.
It is our goal at Happy Valley Kennel to supply you with the skills, tools and knowledge necessary for you and your dog to effectively communicate with each other.  We will help you set realistic expectations while giving you the skills and knowledge you will need to handle appropriate and inappropriate behavior.



Some of the breeds that have benefited from the Happy Valley Kennel Education and Training program are:

German Shorthaired Pointers
Chesapeake Bay
Golden Retrievers
Wirehaired Pointing Griffons
Smooth and Wire Haired Dachshunds
Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Belgian Tervurens,
Great Pyrenees Labrador cross
Border Collies
Australian Cattle dogs
Australian Shepherds
Shih Tzu’s
Lhasa Apsos
Belgian Malinois
Dutch Shepherds

We train German Shepherds, all sorts of pure bred dogs, mixed breed and rescued dogs. With the right type of training you can have the obedient, self controlled companion you desire.  Happy Valley Kennel will help you build a relationship with your dog.


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