German Shepherd Terms To Know

German Shepherd Terms

Common Terms Used By German Shepherd Breeders and Trainers Champion dog breeders and trainers tend to use terms in their every day vocabulary that people outside of their specialty may not know the meaning to. German Shepherd breeders and trainers … more>

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German Shepherd Dog

Wanika Vom Sequoyahhaus

The Benefits of Choosing a German Shepherd Dog German Shepherd Dog, or GSD for short, is actually the full breed name in English. It has been recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) since 1908. You can recognize the GSD … more>

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Onyx vom Glücklichen Tal (female)

Onyx sitting 3-15-16

Dam: Havoc vom Glücklichen Tal Sire: Joffre Ad Gür Price: $4,500.00 Onyx is a beautiful solid black female a granddaughter of our founding dam Sybill vom Grycos and National & international competitor Berlin vom Glucklichen Tal. Onyx is house trained … more>

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German Shepherd Puppies

Boy with german shepherd puppy

German Shepherd Puppies From An Outside Litter Available Now $1,600.00/ea. 3 Females 2 males *Two females are bicolor and one is solid black. *The males are both solid black Dam: Wanika Vom Sequoyahhaus originally bred with Joffre. She is a … more>

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Gunner – making one home a little happier!

A little note of thanks from a satisfied HVK customer! “Just wanted to give you an update on the world’s most wonderful dog.  He’s been with us almost a year now.  He is the smartest animal I have ever been … more>

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Congratulations to Adler vom Kanone & Brenda Herle on earning their BH!

Adler vom Kanon – earn BHAdler vom Kanon aka Nikko is Brenda’s first schutzhund dog.  Interested in a schutzhund prospect Brenda purchased a Berlin and Casha puppy.  Nikko is excelling in all three phases of schutzhund training.  Happy Valley Kennel would like to congratulate Brenda and Nikko on earning their BH.  What an accomplishment! We look forward to watching them earn their IPO titles in the future.

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