Onyx vom Glücklichen Tal

Onyx standing profile 3-15-16

Sire Dam Onyx vom Glücklichen Tal Onyx is a beautiful solid black female a granddaughter of our founding dam Sybill vom Grycos and National & International competitor Berlin vom Glucklichen Tal. Onyx is house trained and crate trained. She will perform … more>

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Oxana vom Glücklichen Tal

Oxana 6 mo profile_small

Sire Dam Oxana vom Glücklichen Tal If you have a family or if you are a single individual looking for the right German Shepherd to be not only a companion but to also provide personal protection than Oxana is exactly … more>

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German Shepherds and Their Need For Exercise

Ivan side view in action

The German Shepherd’s Need For Exercise The German Shepherd is a large breed, and like many large dogs, proper training is important to ensure control over the animal. In addition, the breed is highly intelligent and has been used for … more>

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German Shepherd and Germany

jurgen at cafe in wiesloch

My Trip To Germany For A German Shepherd On Tuesday, May 31st, 2016 I endeavored on another trip to Germany to select a German Shepherd for a family in Birmingham, Alabama, who had specific needs and desires for a male … more>

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Basha for Sale


Sire: Neo vom Grenzlager Dam: Clody z Malinovej PRICE: $6,000.00     Basha is the perfect family companion/personal protection dog. She lives in the house and is completely house trained. She is exceptional in obedience and is accustomed to living … more>

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Proper Nutrition For Your German Shepherd Dog

Dog nutrition

Owners choose the regal German Shepherd breed for their intelligence, strength and loyalty. Those who educate themselves about these wonderful dogs refer to the breed by its full official title of German Shepherd Dog or they abbreviate it in speech … more>

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