Father’s Day For A Dog Lover

fathers day sunset

Man’s Best Friend On Father’s Day Is your dad a lover of German Shepherds? If you have a dad that tends to love his furry kids as much as he loves you, perhaps getting him a gift that matches that … more>

Tyra Success – Dubberly Family Home in Louisiana

Tyra Dubberley

Tyra vom Glücklichen Tal resides in  the Dubberley family home in Louisiana as a personal protection/companion for their daughter. She has a wonderful loving home and is excelling in all that she does. We appreciate the Dubberley family for providing Tyra … more>

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Hey Everyone, This is just a quick notice that yes we are beginning to update our Facebook page on a more regular basis and we would love it if you would join us there and interact with us. We have … more>

What better gift for your mom than a schutzhund trained dog?

super dog schutzhund

Need a schutzhund trained dog for mother’s day? When it comes to gifts for mom few things to a schutzhund trained dog. This has been a prestigious sport in the German Shepherd dog world since the early 1900’s and only the … more>

Woman and K-9 Companions – Womens History Month

Woman and k-9 companion german shepherd

Women and K-9 Companions Have Quite the History Did you know that the German Shepherd Dog is considered to be one of the best breeds for a female to own. These animals are amazingly smart and dedicated even until their … more>