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Joffre Ad-Gür “Zepp”

Gender: Male | Born: 06/06/13

Joffre is an explosive powerful strong German Shepherd who is very social. His commanding presence exudes confidence, power and intensity.

Joffre’s pedigree boasts 4 WUSV World Champions, such spectacular males as 1992, 1996 WUSV World Champion, Belgium and FCI Champion Orry v. Haus Antverpa, 1998 WUSV World Champion Quasy v.d. Bosen Nachbarschaft, 1999 WUSV World Champion Tom v.t. Leefdoalhof and 2000 WUSV World Champion Asko v.d. Lutter. In addition, Joffre’s impeccable bloodline hosts Ellute von der Mohnwiese, Yoshy, Troll v.d. Bosen Nachbarshaft and Fado vom Karthago.

Jofrre is a wonderful addition to our continual goal of improving our bloodlines. Jofrre’s drive, intensity, focus, power temperament, structure, conformation and a willingness to work is evident in his offspring. Joffre posses a very lare head coupled with large bone and structural correctness. He has a very kind, loving, friendly deisposition.

Joffre’s bloodlines crossed with Berlin offspring have produced extremely high drive puppies with calm full grips that express intense focus.

OFA Hips: Excellent

Elbows: Normal



Jambo vom Kirchweihtal
Jambo (Ivan) vom Kirchweihtal

Gender: Male | Born: 03/15/09

2014 German Shepherd Dog Club of America-Working Dog Association National Champion Jambo vom Kirckweithal (Ivan) placed High in Obedience with a score of 98, in addition to, High in Protection with a score of 96. Jambo (Ivan) and Carl scored a 97 on their track with an outstanding overall score of 291. Seiger Jambo (Ivan) stole the show at the GSDCA-WDA Nationals in Greenville, SC with his amazing performances in both the Obedience and protection phases.

Jambo (Ivan) is owned, trained and handled by three time GSDCA-WDA National Champion Carl Smith of Franklin, TN. Carl and Bodo vom Flutgraben were GSDCA-WDA’s National Champions in 2010 and 2011. Carl & Bodo were members of the USA WUSV World Championship team that competed in Seville, Spain in 2010. Jambo (Ivan) possess a wonderful temperament and disposition. He is excellent with children. Ivan lives and plays with retired National Champion Bodo and a young Ivan offspring. Ivan’s commanding presence is derived from his large head, broad chest and muscular frame.

If you are looking for a German Shepherd to protect and guard your family and home than look no further. Jambo (Ivan) will stop anyone in their tracks by his sheer presence not to mention his fight drive. He has the ability to lay on the floor with your young children yet guard your estate when necessary. Jambo (Ivan) is a unique and special German Shepherd that you would be proud to own as guardian of your family and home.

Ivan side view in action


Berlin vom Glücklichen Tal

Berlin vom Glücklichen Tal

Berlin vom Glücklichen Tal, SchH3

(resident stud)


Sire: Timmy von den Jurgen Hansen
(SchH3, SV “a“ normal)
Dam: Olly vom Rassestandard
(SchH3, KK 1, SV “a“ normal)

DOB: Aug. 18, 2005
Parent breed in Germany
OFA Hips: good
Elbows: normal

» View Berlin’s lineage


“Berlin is one of those once in a life time dogs!”
If you are looking for a strong, hard German Shepherd, look no further. Berlin’s power, intense, extreme drive, hard full grips combined with athletic ability, stamina, temperament and disposition make him the National and International competitor that he is. Like an Olympic Athlete, Berlin has the mental and physical stamina to compete at the highest levels of Schutzhund competition. His extraordinary mental stamina makes it easy for him to think clearly even in a high state of drive. His ability to control his drive is uncanny.

As a sire, Berlin is reproducing his strong genetic drive, temperament and disposition. His offspring possess his willingness to work as well as his trainability. Happy Valley Kennel has watched his offspring succeed in many different venues such as Schutzhund, search and rescue, scent detection, family protection and companion dogs.

* Breedings are available to select females.
Contact Krista Wade at Happy Valley Kennel for details.


2012 GSDCA-WDA 2012 Vice Sieger National Champion

2011 GSDCA –WDA National Championships High Protection 100 pts
2011 GSDCA –WDA National Championships  6th Overall

2010 USA WUSV World Championships Sevilla, Spain
2010 GSDCA –WDA National Championships  5th Overall
2010 GSDCA –WDA High H.O.T.
2010 GSDCA –WDA National Videos
2010 UScA German Shepherd National Championships
2010 Mid-Eastern Regional Championships 5th Overall

Linebreeding – 5 generations
# 5,5 – 4 ………. in V Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich
# 4,4 – 3 ………. in V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft
# 5,5 – 4 ………. in V Askia vom Froschgraben


Happy Valley Kennel Videos  VIDEOS

» Video of Berlin – Obedience Routine
» Video of Berlin at 2009 Eastern Regional Championship


Bodo vom Flutgraben
Bodo vom Flutgraben, SchH3, FH

Retired, but semen available!


Sire: Falk von den Wölfen
(SchH3 (SG-BSP), IPO 3, SV “a“normal)
Dam: Wickie vom Flutgraben
(SchH3, IPO 3, SV “a“ normal)

DOB: Sept. 29, 2003
imported from Germany
OFA Hips:
SV “A” normal
Elbows: normal

» View Bodo’s lineage


2010 USA WUSV World Championship Team
Imported from Büdigen, Germany, Bodo is the 2010 & 2011 Reining GSDCA-WDA National Champions. Bodo earned High in Obedience at the 2010 GSDCA-WDA National Championships and represented the United States at the 2010 WUSV German Shepherd World Championships in Sevilla, Spain.


Bodo is the son of Falk von den Wölfen.  Bodo’s grip is hard, full and calm.  He is a powerful, athletic, agile male with high drives that make him an outstanding National and International competitor.  Bodo is owned by Lt. Carl Smith of Franklin, TN.

* Breedings are available to select females.
Contact Krista Wade at Happy Valley Kennel for details.


2011 GSDCA –WDA National Championships Champion

2010 USA WUSV World Championships Sevilla, Spain
2010 GSDCA –WDA National Championships Champion
2010 GSDCA –WDA National Championships High Obedience

Linebreeding – 5 generations
4 – 5 ………. in V Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich
4 – 5 ………. in V Harro aus der Lechrainstadt


Aceofnike van het Bleekhof
SchH3, FH, KK1

(non-resident stud)


Sire: Ufo van Guy’s Hof
Dam: Steffi van het Bleekhof

» View Aceofnike’s lineage

2008 WUSV Vice Seiger Champion

Linebreeding – 5 generations
4 – 5 ………. in V Umsa vom Bungalow
4 – 2 ………. in SG Link vom Muikenshof
5 – 3 ………. in Jago vom Nesselbach
5 – 3 ………. in SG Jip vom Muikenshof


King, SchH3, IPO3, FH, AD



Sire: Rakker
Dam: Frida van het Groot Wezenland

» View King’s lineage


King, we liked to call him “Sting” (his official name was King), was Krista’s first working German Shepherd, and the founding stud dog for Happy Valley Kennel. Sting was a gentle family dog and an accomplished Schutzhund competitor, earning his SchH1, SchH2 and SchH3 titles under Krista’s training and handling.

In his later years, he became Jacob’s first training dog, giving his young handler the opportunity to learn how to train dogs in obedience and tracking under the guidance of a patient and wise old canine friend. Sting’s legacy will live on in the family-oriented nature of Happy Valley Kennel, in the hearts of the Krista Wade and her family, and in the progeny he sired.

We’ll miss you, old friend . . .


Linebreeding – 5 generations
5 – 3 ………. in V-INT CH Greif zum Lahntal

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