German Shepherd & Wire Haired Daschund Puppies


Rowdy 1 profile 20 wks 4-6-16 web  Rowdy sitting front 20 wks 4-6-16 web

Ad-Gür / Baiertalerstrasse

German Shepherd Litter

Gender: 4 Female / 4 Males  |  Born: November 18, 2015  |  Price: $2700

Sire: Joffre Ad-Gür “Zepp”
Dam: Ussi von der BaiertalerstrasseUssi

Ussi ( import from German) X Joffre Ad Gur ( import from Germany) 1 male remains – Rowdy shown above.


Zepp_Rainy_2015    2015-12-20_18.07.07

Ad Gür / Wildernzesshasu (Rainy)

German Shepherd Litter

Gender: 1 Female / 3 Males  |  Born: September 2015  |  Price: $1800

Sire: Joffre Ad-Gür “Zepp”
Dam: Rana v Wildernzesshasu (Rainy)Rainy

The puppies were born September 17th. We have 1 black female for sale, 1 black male (largest with most drive), and 2 black & tan males (or bi-colored males). Second shots have been given.


Quento & Quinyah vom Glücklichen Tal
Wire Haired Dachshunds

Gender: 1 Male/1 Female  |  Born: June 11, 2015  |  Price: $1200

Sire: CH Brownwood Otto MW
Dam: Mariah vom Glücklichen Tal Adena vom Glücklichen Tal

**Only Quento remains for sale!

Quento & Quinyah are beautiful red Wire-Haired Dachshunds. They have outstanding personalities, dispositions and temperaments. They have been raised with children and are social with both little and big dogs. Quento & Quinyah were whelped in our kitchen and have been raised in the house with our family. They are house training and crate training sleeping through the night with no accidents. Mariah the dam of Quento & Quinyah is a daughter of our founding breeding female Paula vom Fallbachtal. Happy Valley Kennel owner, Krista Wade, selected Paula when in Germany at 8 weeks of age. As a German Import Paula’s offspring have been highly sought after because of her undercoat, conformation and amazing temperament and disposition. Many of Paula’s offspring are now Champions in AKC conformation. If you are looking for a wonderful family member/companion Quento & Quinyah are exactly what you are looking for. In addition, Quento & Quinyah have the conformation to be as successful as their cousins in the show ring.


Ad Gür / Glücklichen Tal Litter
German Shepherd Litter

Gender: 3 sable Females  |  Born: May 2015  |  Price: SOLD

Sire: Joffre Ad-Gür “Zepp”
Dam: Moxxy vom Glücklichen TalAdena vom Glücklichen Tal

The Next Generation of Focus and Power 

Granddaughters of the 2015 & 2010 USA WUSV World Championship Team Members

Happy Valley Kennel is very proud of our next generation of outstanding German Shepherd puppies. They are the result of our very selective breeding program. These red sable females from our “P” litter possesses their dam and sires high drives coupled with Berlin vom Glücklich Tal willingness to work and trainability. These three females have incredible bloodline from foundation German lines. Their grandsire on the bottom side is none other than HVK’s pride and joy Berlin vom Glücklich Tal. Berlin was a member of the 2010 USA WUSV World Championship Team that competed in Seville, Spain. He was the 2012 GSDCA-WDA Vice-Sieger National Champion, was High in Protection at the 2011 & 2012 GSDCA-WDA National Championship and High in Obedience at the 2013 GSDCA-WDA National Championship. Neo vom Grenzlager is their grandsire on the top side. Happy Valley Kennel would like to congratulate Jim Allway and Neo for their outstanding performance at the WUSV Qualification trial. Jim and Neo are members of the 2015 USA WUSV World Championship Team that will be competing in Finland in September. We wish Jim and Neo the best! Not only do these puppies possess grandsires that were or are USA WUSV World Champion Team Members but they also have linage that trace back to the 2000, 1999 and 1998 WUSV World Champions. Asko von der Lutter (2000 & 1999 Vice-Sieger WUSV), Tom Van’t Leefdaalhof (1999) and Quasy v.d. bosen Naschbarschaft (1998). In addition, these puppies are also offspring of Yoshy,Troll,Champ and Nessel. All three of these females have very strong nerves and excellent temperaments. They have the potential to be extremely high drive intense females.

Moxxy and Zepp females_small


Ad-Gür / Glücklichen Tal
German Shepherd Litter

Gender: 5 Males, 3 Females  |  Born: March 2015  |  Price: SOLD

Sire: Joffre Ad-Gür “Zepp”
Dam: Havoc vom Glücklichen TalHavoc_Headshot


Onyx and Oxana naturally possess extremely high drives. They have intense prey drive and are very focused. They are excellent Schutzhund prospects requiring homes that are active and able to channel their natural drives. Onyx and Oxana have an amazing pedigree. Havoc, their dam, is the daughter of none other than Happy Valley Kennels outstanding Berlin vom Glücklich Tal 2010 USA WUSV World Champion Team Member and 2012 GSDCA-WDA Vice-Sieger National Champion. Berlin was High in Protection at the 2011 & 2012 GSDCA-WDA National Championships and High in Obedience at the 2013 GSDCA-WDA National Championships. Sybill vom Grysycos is the granddam of Onyx and Oxana a foundation female at HVK, imported from Hungary, she competed in numerous national events, was the 2006 AWDF IPO 2Champion and multiple ScHh 3 competitor. Sybilll is known for her agility, tenacious spirit, high drives and wonderful temperament and disposition. Their sire Joffre Ad Gür “Zepp” , was imported from Germany for high level Schutzhund competition. He has incredible drive coupled with unbelievable power, speed and agility. He possesses a crushing grip in addition to a very deep powerful bark. He has a very commanding presence, excellent conformation, and a very large broad head. Zepp’s sire Neo vom Grenzlager is a member of the 2015 USA WUSV World Championship Team who will be competing in Finland in September of 2015. Onxy and Oxana have the bloodlines and natural abilities to pursue any sport you choose. They are extremely intelligent, willing to work, trainable and have outstanding temperaments and dispositions. As with all puppies at HVK we have started both Onyx and Oxana in our behavioral imprinting and obedience programs. They have been raised with children, around other dogs and have been very well socialized. Onyx and Oxana are very unique puppies with endless potential.

Sable female 10 wks Havoc & Zepp head shot_small

Onyx at 9 weeks_small


Kirchweihtal / Ella
German Shepherd

Gender: 1 Female |  Born: December 2014  |  Price: SOLD

Sire: Jambo vom Kirchweihtal (IPO3)
Dam: EllaElla headshot

A beautiful daughter of the 2014 GSDCA-WDA national Champion Jambo vom Kirchweihtal, this female possesses all of “Ivan’s” exceptional qualities. A strikingly pretty red sable, with an outstanding temperament and disposition, who has a wonderful attitude on life. She has tremendous food drive, as well as, prey and toy drive. Her drive for the food has made obedience training a breeze. Her willing trainable attitude makes her a pleasure to train. She has been raised with children, on the farm around horses and cattle. She understands the crate, interacts well with other dogs. She has a very strong commanding bark and has started protection training. Like her father, Ivan, she has tremendous potential on the schutzhund field, in the AKC obedience ring, in agility and as a family companion/protection dog. HVK has done all the hard work of raising and training a puppy for you giving this gorgeous sable female the knowledge and training she needs to become a part of your family to pursue a venue of your choice.

Ella and Ivan Sable female 6-5-15 sitting_smallElla and Ivan Sable female 6-5-15 head shot_smallElla and Ivan Sable female 6-5-15 profile_small_2



Kirchweihtal / Rainy
German Shepherd Litter #2

Gender: 1 Male & 1 Female
September 2014 | Price: SOLD


Sire: Jambo vom Kirchweihtal (IPO3)
Sire: Rana v Wildernzesshasu (Rainy)

The black and tan male puppy is built like his father “Ivan” He has a gorgeous large broad head, with a deep wide chest coupled with depth and spring of rib. He is structurally correct possessing a tremendous temperament and disposition characteristic of his both his mother and father. At the age of 7 weeks exhibits the drive desired in a working dog. This breeding is a repeat breeding. If you are looking for a German Shepherd with size, volume temperament who will adapt to being a working dog, a personal protection dog or family companion dog this puppy has the commanding presence you are looking for.

The Sable female commands everyone’s attention. She is the dominant puppy in the litter with a strong personality. She is the daughter of the GSDCA-WDA 2014 National Champion Jambo “Ivan”. She like her brother poseesses her fathers beautiful large broad head. Her structural correctness combined with her large bone wide chest and feminine characteristics give her a very commanding presence about her. She has a wonderful temperament and disposition coupled with the desire to work. If you are looking for a future sports prospect or a personal/family protection dog she has what it takes! Contact HVK today!

Floyd Haus/Flutgraben
German Shepherd Litter

Gender: 4 males /  4 females  |  Born: October 17, 2014  |  Price: SOLD



Sire: Hank vom Floyd Haus (IPO2)
Dam: Casha vom Flutgraben (SchH3)Casha vom Flutgraben

Casha vom Flutgraben, German imported is expecting her second litter. Casha has an outstanding temperament and disposition coupled with tremendous hunt and fight drive. The sire of this excellent litter is Hank vom Floyd Haus, grandson of Ellute von der Mohnwiese. Hank is the progeny of T. Floyds breeding and training. Hank is an IPO 2, and Hayden Smith is planning on competing in the 2015 Nationals. Hank has extreme drive in all three phases. If you are looking for a future sport prospect, SAR or family protection dog, this litter is bound to have puppies that will excel in any venue they participate in. Deposits are currently being taken.


Kirchweihtal / Glucklichen Tal
German Shepherd Litter “N”

Gender: 1 black male, 1 sable male; 1 black female remain |  Born: July 22, 2014  |  Price: SOLD

 N litter collage

Sire: Jambo vom Kirchweihtal (IPO3)
Dam: Havoc vom Glucklichen TalHavoc_Headshot





Krista Wade, Owner of Happy Valley Kennel, is proud to announce the much anticipate litter from dam Havoc vom Glucklichen Tal, a daughter of HVK’s National and Internationally acclaimed 2012 GSDCA-WDA Vice-Sieger National Champion Berlin vom Glucklich Tal. Havoc is also the daughter of 12 yr old European Imported National competitor Sybill vom Grysycos. The sire of this amazing litter is the 2014 GSDCA-WDA National Champion“Ivan” Jambo vom Kirchweihtal. These puppies possess the acclaimed bloodlines from Germany which include Yoschy von der Dollenwiese, Troll von der bosen Nachbarschaft, Champ vom Barenfang & Fado von Karthago. The combination of outstanding European bloodlines here in the States provides a tremendous opportunity for anyone looking for a future Schutzhund prospect, SAR or family protection dog. These puppies combine the natural drives necessary to perform as a working dog, as well as, a balanced temperament and disposition making them excellent family companion dogs. The balance between drive and superior temperament is hard to find. These puppies possess this balance. Contact HVK to inquire about the availability of puppies from this litter.


Blue Moon / Barockschlößle
German Shepherd Litter

Gender: 3 males; 3 females  |  Born:  May 2014  |  Price: SOLD

Sire: Ilo vom Blue Moon
Dam: Cinda vom BarockschlößleCinda vom Barockschlößle





Happy Valley Kennel is excited to announce the litter out of German import Cinda vom Barockscholble a great-grand daughter of Olex de Valsory & WUSV Sieger Tom van’t Leefdaalhof by the 2012 GSDCA-WDA Vice-Sieger & USA WUSV Berlin vom Glucklich Tal Son Illo vom Blue Moon. We anticipate this litter to be an excellent working line litter. If you are looking for your next schutzhund or SAR prospect then look no further. 3 males 3 females All are dark sable. Deposits are being taken now for this litter.

7/22/14 Update: 1 male and 2 females remain (shown below)





Römerau / Baiertalerstraße
German Shepherd Litter

Gender: 2 males; 1 female  |  Born: February 20, 2014  |  Price: SOLD

Sire: Danny von der Römerau (BH) 
Dam: Shakira von der BaiertalerstraßeShakira von der Baiertalerstraße





Happy Valley Kennel is very excited to announce the arrival of Shakira & Danny’s much anticipated litter. Both Shakira & Danny possess spectacular German Bloodlines. Their puppies lineage trace directly back to VA 11 Guccy vom Heinrichplatz SchH 3 whose sire was VA2 Odin vom Holtkamper Hof. Danny’s Dam Palme von der Rieser Perle is the daughter of VA1 Parkos d’ Ulmental. Shakira’s dam is VA 3 Yasmin v. Nieuwlandshof daughter of 2X VA2 VA1 Timo von Berrekasten.

Both Danny and Shakira reside in family homes where they are not only personal protection dogs but family companions as well. Danny lives with 5 very active children. Shakira and Danny have a very commanding and impressive presence combined with outstanding temperaments and dispositions.

Shakira & Danny’s puppies have endless potential. HVK looks forward to watching them accomplish many things in the future.

HVK is currently taking deposits. We anticipate this litter being placed in homes by the time they are 8 wks old.


Ivan & Rainy

Kirchweihtal / Rainy
German Shepherd Litter

Gender: 4 Males & 4 Females
September 2013 | Price: SOLD


Sire: Jambo vom Kirchweihtal (IPO1)
Sire: Rana v Wildernzesshasu (Rainy)

The first Ivan (Jambo) puppies are on the ground and healthy – they are 1 week old as of 9/28/13. There are 2 males remaining that we are taking deposits for now. They will be ready to go home around Thanksgiving!


11-11-13 Puppy video added!


11-7-13 New video of Ivan below!


Dasha + Berlin PuppyGlücklichen Tal/Flutgraben Litter
German Shepherd Litter

Gender: Red Sables, 3 Males & 2 Females
June 2012 | SOLD


» Pictures of the puppies!

Sire: Berlin vom Glücklich Tal
Sire: Dasha vom Flutgraben

Looking for a potential working dog to participate in schutzhund, SAR, agility or as a personal protection dog? Then this litter has everything you need.  Dasha and Berlin’s strong drives coupled with their wonderful temperaments and dispositions give these puppies what they will need to perform in any venue.

This excetpional litter combines the outstanding genetics from V-WUSV Troll vom Haus Milinda, 93’ Sieger WUSV Natz von Tegelhous, 99’ Sieger WUSV Tom van’t Leefdaalhof, 4X WUSV Qerry von Haus Antverpa, WUSV Falk von den Wölfen,  BSP Yoshy von de Döllenwies, WUSV Champ vom Bärenfang & BSP Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft.

This repeat breeding has produced 8 beautiful red sable puppies that possess a world of potential.  Happy Valley Kennel expects these puppies from Dasha and Berlin to excel in every venue they participate in just as their older siblings are doing.



Adena_Bodo Puppy
Glücklichen Tal/Flutgraben Litter
German Shepherd Litter

Gender: 1 Male  |  Born: December 2011  |  Price: SOLD

Sire: Bodo vom Flutgraben, SchH3
Dam: Adena vom Glücklichen Tal Adena vom Glücklichen Tal

Happy Valley Kennel selected Adena vom Glücklichen Tal and Bodo vom Flutgraben based on their proven genetic bloodlines. This litter blends Adena’s KNPV lineage with the foundational German bloodlines in Bodo’s pedigree.

Bodo, a WUSV competitor and the 2010 and 2011 GSDCA-WDA National Champion, contributes his calm full grip, extreme drive, temperament, disposition and agility to this litter. Adena possess her sire King’s calm hard grip, outstanding temperament, disposition and working ability. This litter holds unlimited potential.

UPDATE:  Paul resides on a farm in Memphis,TN with a wonderful family. Paul is being trained for future work in Search and Rescue.



Berlin & Dasha German Shepherd Puppies
Glücklich Tal / Flutgraben
German Shepherd Litter

Gender: 2 Males  |  Born: December 2011  |  Price: SOLD

Sire: Berlin vom Glücklichen Tal, SchH3
Dam: Dasha vom Flutgraben


This planned breeding brings together great genetics with a world of possibilities.  Berlin vom Glücklichen Tal has proven his abilities as an outstanding working German Shepherd not only on the field but as a sire as well.  His offspring have been successful in every discipline they have participated in.  They posses his stamina, work ethic, focus, drive and temperament.

Dasha vom Flutgraben is a beautiful imported German Shepherd whose pedigree speaks for its self.  She is a Falk von den Wölfen granddaughter and a cousin to Bodo vom Flutgraben, the 2 time GSDCA-WDA National Champion, 2010 USA WUSV World Championship Team Member.  Dasha was imported from a German Kennel whose breeding program is foundational.  Dasha, like Berlin and Bodo possess a full, hard, calm grip which idotlines combined with natural athleticism.  She is a very focused, strong female with naturally high prey and fight drives.

UPDATE: Dick Gassaway in Colorado and Indy are busy training for their future IPO titles.  Indy has expressed extreme drive in tracking and protection from an early age. His preliminary hip x-rays were excellent.  We look forward to seeing the two of them competing in the future.

Ivan is training in Arkansas for his future IPO titles, as well.  Like Indy, Ivan has extreme food and toy drive.  We are looking forward to seeing Ivan compete in the future.

Contact Krista Wade
for more information on planned litters.


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