Moxxy vom Glücklichen Tal
Moxxy vom Glücklichen Tal

Sire:  Berlin vom Glücklichen Tal, SchH3
Dam: Aika vom Haus Ehrenreich

DOB: 11/19/09
Elbows: NORMAL

Moxxy is a daughter of Berlin vom Glucklich Tal 2010 USA WUSV Team Member who represented the Untied States in Seville, Spain. He is also the 2012 Vice-Seiger GSDCA-WDA National Champion. Moxxy possesses Berlin’s drive and working attitude coupled with an outstanding temperament and disposition. She is excellent with children, loves to play with the ball but is easy to live with in the house. Happy Valley Kennel purchased Moxxy to continue Belin’s genetics in our breeding program. She a wonderful Sable German Shepherd whose offspring have been very successful on the field and in family homes.dotline

Ussi von der Baiertalerstrasse
Ussi von der Baiertalerstrasse

Sire:  Team Malboro Kashmir
Dam: Pink von der Baiertalerstrasse

DOB: February 19, 2013
imported from Germany
OFA Hips: “A” Stamp Normal
Elbows: normal


Ussi is a beautiful black and red female with an outstanding temperament and disposition! Imported from Germany at 6 months of age from Jurgen Manser, Ussi has been a part of the family here at Happy Valley Kennel. She is excellent with the Barrett family’s children where she resides in Murfreesboro, TN. Ussi enjoys playing with not only the children but their young Springer Spaniel and older Jack Russel.

Ussi is a product of Jurgen Manser’s intense breeding program selecting the top German Shepherds in German when considering his breeding criteria. Working ability coupled with conformation, pigment, style, temperament and disposition are a result of his selective breeding program.

Happy Valley Kennel is proud to have Ussi von der Baiertalrstrasse as a part of our breeding program and will be selectively breeding Ussi.dotline

Sybill vom Grysycos
Sybill vom Grysycos SchH3, IPO 2


Sire:  Wero von den Wannaer Höhen, SchH3
Dam: Gora vom Mutzbach, SchH1

DOB: May 3, 2002
imported from Hungary
OFA Hips: good
Elbows: normal

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Sybill has competed at the local, regional and national levels.  She has obtained high scores in all three phases with V-rated scores in tracking and protection.

Sybill exhibits extreme drive.  Her power, speed, enthusiasm and willingness to work make her a delight to train and compete with.  She possesses a pleasant disposition and temperament which make her an excellent family companion.

Along with a very successful working career, Sybill’s strong maternal instincts have aided her in raising multiple litters of puppies.  Her offspring have had her wonderful temperament and disposition, in addition to, her drive.  Her progeny have become sport dogs, detector dogs and personal protection dogs.

Sybill is now retired from competition and raises puppies. She lives on our farm taking care of the young dogs and children.


2006 American Working Dog Federation
IPO 2 Champion
High Female Handler
First Place Team

2007 WDA-GSDCA Championship

2006 Middle Tennessee Working Dog Assoc. SchH3 High in Trial
2006 Mid-Eastern Regional Championship
2006 USA National GSD Championship

2005 Middle Tennessee Working Dog Assoc SchH1 High in Trial


Happy Valley Kennel Videos  VIDEOS
Sybill at AWDF 2006, Part 1
Sybill at AWDF 2006, Part 2
Sybill at AWDF 2006, Part 3dotline

Havoc vom Glücklichen Tal
Havoc vom Glücklichen Tal

Sire: Berlin vom Glücklich Tal
(SchH3, OFA Good)
Dam: Sybill vom Grysycos
(SchH3, OFA Good)

Havoc is the progeny of two of Happy Valley Kennel’s highly accomplished and talented German Shepherds: Sybill and Berlin.  This carefully selected breeding resulted in a wonderful combination of genetics producing extremely high drives, athletic ability, sound temperaments and dispositions coupled with an intense willingness to work.  Characteristics both parents possess.  Like her brother Heiko, Havoc demonstrates an enormous amount of potential.  Happy Valley Kennel looks forward to Havoc’s future accomplishments.  Havoc is owned by Dr. Bobby and Marla West of Bell Buckle, TN.dotline

Adena vom Glücklichen Tal
Adena vom Glücklichen Tal


Sire: King
(SchH3, IPO 3, FH, AD)
Dam: Cierra vom Haus Adamson

DOB: February 7, 2007
Imported from the Netherlands, KNPV Breeding
OFA Hips: fair
Elbows: normal


Adena genetically inherited her sire’s traits. King, Adena’s Sire, (otherwise know as Sting here at Happy Valley Kennel) was imported from the Netherlands. He was an extremely hard dog with power, heart, calm full grips and a strong desire to work. He had an outstanding temperament and disposition. He was originally imported for the purpose of becoming a K-9 police dog, and then we purchased him. He was Krista’s first Schutzhund competition dog and competed at the local and national level.dotline

Casha vom Flutgraben
Casha vom Flutgraben


Sire: Raccoon’s Daucus, SchH3
Dam: Ashly vom Flutgraben, SchH3, “a“ normal

DOB: February 2009
imported from Germany
OFA Hips: good
Elbows: normal

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Casha vom Flutgraben is a half sister to Dasha vom Flutgraben. Casha was imported from Germany at 8 weeks of age. She has a wonderful temperament and disposition, as well as, tremendous toy and hunt drive. Like her siblings and cousins, she possesses a full, calm grip. Casha is a cousin to Bodo vom Flutgraben, a 2010 USA WUSV German Shepherd World Champion team member and 2-time GSDCA-WDA National Champion.

Casha is working on her Schutzhund titles and is owned by Mrs. Mullican of Woodbury, TN. Casha has 2 full brothers, Cliff and Cazan, that were imported by Happy Valley kennel, who have been very successful. Cliff vom Flutgraben earned High SchH1 in October with scores of 97-88-99.  Cazan, known as “Gunner” by the Williamson County Sheriffs department, is a dual-purpose dog who has been very successful on the street with his handler, Deputy Roberts. Happy Valley Kennel is sure that Casha will be just as successful as her brothers.

Linebreeding – 5 generations
* 5 – 5 … in V Harro aus der Lechrainstadt

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